Chapter Nine

SINCE 1931

“Since 1931, the dream of Dr. Niehans is powered by the courage to believe, the desire to build a legacy.”
Ladan Osman for La Prairie

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Dr. Paul Niehans, a brilliant Swiss doctor, began his career as a military surgeon. In the early 1920s, he established in his first medical practice and dreamed of the day that he would unlock​ the secret of time and make the future infinite. He would become a relentless explorer of time’s frontiers. The dream of forever is a lifelong odyssey but one that increases a single life, and allows the believer to merge with the infinite ribbon of Time.​

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Montreux, 1971 – Dr. Niehans founded Clinique La Prairie. It is here that the whole world would come to recuperate from the vicissitudes of age and rejuvenate. The clinic is situated on the edge of the village, on a green and gently sloped prairie at the end of a cul-de-sac: Avenue de la Prairie. Close by, a sparkling mountain stream flows down from the mountains to the lake. Silence reigned as an essential condition for the wellbeing and healing of Dr. Niehans' patients.

The magnificent view of the lake and the mountains beyond, seen through the vast bay windows, added to the tranquility. Here, natural beauty echoes the essential human beauty – physical and spiritual – that Paul Niehans passionately sought to restore. From the doctor’s study to the impossible crowns of the Alps, from their radiant peaks to the depths of the Swiss lakes, from the flicker of invention to the application of a fantasy – to add years to life and life to years becomes the clinic's dreams and the pursuit of La Prairie.

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Vatican City, 1954 – His Holiness Pope Pius XII is agonised by unresolved pains and other therapies fail. Dr. Paul Niehans is urgently called to the Vatican. He applies a thoughtful series of interventions, in order to prolong its existence. In 1955, Pope Pius XII – cured – made him a Member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. A dream of Eternity becomes reality.

From that day on, with the success of Cellular Therapy, Paul Niehans was in the world’s spotlight and his reputation took on an international dimension, bestowing an extraordinary aura onto the clinic and its doctor, attracting world leaders, royalty, and celebrities.

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Clinique La Prairie, 1942 – Marlene Dietrich departs for the clinic in need of rest and recharge after her most recent world tour. Here, she can leap out of this world, forget her colossal status, and be stripped to her essence. She’ll return to the public, refreshed by her obvious inner light. The clinic became the hub of an artistic effervescence with a sparkling atmosphere, the result of a meeting of minds and perspectives from around the globe. Guests included such figures as Maurice Chevalier, Emperor Hirohito and Miles David, to name but a few. Political and intellectual life mingled with the energetic aura of the art world in a place of harmony, calm and peacefulness. Here, Cellular Therapy is an option for elite clientele determined to outrun Time.

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New York, 1973 – The New York Times published a feature article on the work of Dr. Niehans, the Father of Cellular Therapy, and his unique clinic. Public figures and celebrities flocked to Dr. Niehans' clinic, marking the dawn of a new era for the establishment and a worldwide renown. Dr. Niehans planted an orchard of knowledge, started a revolution in Time. Today, his innovations lead scientists who challenge Time.

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A lab somewhere in Switzerland, 1978 – A young researcher accomplishes his dream: to study the protocol and update it with modern technologies. Dr. Niehans' dream has been embodied in the Exclusive Cellular Complex. Based on the remarkable work conducted on cellular therapy by Doctor Niehans, it is an extremely well-kept secret vigorously protected though the years by La Prairie.

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The experience, the discoveries and, above all, the pioneering spirit of Paul Niehans guide the destiny of La Prairie today. His legacy is now, more than ever, of-the-hour. It has been a constant mainstay of the House's mission: to unlock the mystery of rejuvenation. Inspired by nature, mastered by science and elevated by culture, La Prairie is driven by a spirit of innovation and a quest for beauty.

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La Prairie Switzerland, 2021 – with The Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Protocol, Dr. Niehans' dream of eternity reaches its apex. Enriched with the exclusive Platinum Multi-Peptide, a combination of potent peptides fused together by the power of platinum, the Protocol is further enhanced with the Exclusive Cellular Complex and specific signalling molecules to re-awaken skin. Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Protocol triggers specific key rejuvenating processes, amplifying the virtuous loop of rejuvenation to help reverse visible signs of aging.

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