Chapter Six


La Prairie creates a skincare phenomenon with the introduction
of Skin Caviar, the first encapsulated delivery system to contain active ingredients including Caviar Extract, in caviar beads.
Caviar beads which will become iconic.  

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More than 30 years ago, La Prairie made the audacious choice of using Caviar, a source of rich nutrients, coveted for its power to enrich and regenerate skin.
From raising high quality sturgeon in water sourced from Swiss alpine springs, to harvesting the caviar and turning the ingredient into powerful skincare products, La Prairie seeks to capture the precious elements of caviar for their unique, restorative properties.

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La Prairie’s caviar is infused with time itself. In the Swiss Alps, a limited number of high quality sturgeon are raised in pools containing water sourced from alpine springs. The spring water spends months seeping through rocks, and therefore undergoes a process of natural filtration, bringing with it the rich minerality of this ancient landscape, for an outstanding quality of caviar ingredients.

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Caviar is an outstanding natural product that is able to support life, and, as the scientists at La Prairie discovered, also nourishes and benefits the skin. Years of ongoing research and technological advancements have allowed the Skin Caviar Collection to evolve since its inception and continue to offer exceptional lifting and firming action combined with cutting-edge performance and exquisite textures.
La Prairie has mastered the Art of Caviar, pursuing innovative techniques to transform it from its natural state into potent potions: Caviar Extract, Caviar Water, Caviar Absolute, Caviar Premier. With each audacious and artful interpretation, La Prairie’s quest for timeless beauty becomes a promise.

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A mainstay of refined celebrations, caviar has served as a symbol of decadence and pleasure since the time of the Tsars. La Prairie has taken inspiration from this delicacy and interpreted it into a privileged indulgence for the skin. It undergoes a total transformation, benefiting from outstanding lifting and firming, from an iconic sensorial experience.

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