Chapter Five


Since its inception, La Prairie has pursued its vision of timeless beauty through the prism of art, ceaselessly striving to go beyond the limits of possibility. From the painstaking research behind the scientific breakthroughs to the opulent formulations that envelop the senses, from the jewel-like, precision-designed packaging to the visual merchandising, art is what defines everything La Prairie does.

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The visionary work of Dr Niehans is the building block of La Prairie’s penchant for audacity. This pioneering spirit, much like the avant-gardism of contemporary art, is rooted in a heritage nourished by intuition. It is an approach that continuously pushes boundaries.

From the breakthrough Exclusive Cellular Complex to the outside-the-box idea to fuse decadent caviar, rare platinum and precious gold with high-performing skincare, La Prairie continues to develop formulations that go beyond the ordinary. Like a masterpiece that takes shape in the hands of an artist, La Prairie’s advanced research continues to pursue new avenues of possibility.

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The word “aesthetics” comes from the Greek aisthesis, meaning “sensitivity”. La Prairie draws its aesthetic vision from a natural inclination for art in all its expressions.

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In the visual world built on the dialogue between aesthetics and beauty, less is more. The economy of colours and geometric shapes used in La Prairie’s product presentation are inspired by the definitive rules of Bauhaus. Founded by Walter Gropius in 1919, this school of artistic thought produced clean works that combine aesthetics and functionality.

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The Brand’s logo, font and graphic design take their inspiration from The New Typography, designed by Jan Tschichold. This approach advocates a symmetric composition, as seen in the linear and sleek Helvetica font – created in 1957 by Max Miedinger – that contributes to an optimised optical harmony.

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Born in the 1960’s, Minimalism is another key inspiration for the Brand. This streamlined style is in fact present in all the Brand’s expressions, from its website to its advertising.

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The store design of La Prairie is inspired by the authentic, sophisticated elegance of Swiss Contemporary Architecture. Led by visionary Swiss architects, it is a style at once raw and refined, deceptively simple in its execution, physically intense – imposing even – yet always in a poetic balance with the surrounding landscape.

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La Prairie’s vision – its very raison d’être – is to create a world of beauty with no temporal limits.

Just as the world of contemporary art seeks to go beyond the limits of time, so does La Prairie seek to create a world of timeless beauty. No place embodies the essence of timelessness more than La Prairie’s birthplace, Switzerland - where time stands still.

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The world of La Prairie has been inextricably linked to the world of art from its very beginnings. It is therefore only fitting that La Prairie partners with the premier contemporary art fair Art Basel, held in the heart of Switzerland – a partnership founded on a shared vision of audacity, aesthetics and timelessness.

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