Paul Coudamy


Paul Coudamy was born in 1979, he is a DPLG architect. In 2008, Paul Coudamy creates Coudamy Architectures in Paris.

Paul Coudamy is head of a trans-disciplinary, uncompromising studio focused on architectural creations. The quest for beauty is the source of the studio’s creative aesthetic, which aims to surpass perceived limits and build poetic objects and spaces. Coudamy Architectures meticulously manages its projects from idea to realisation, creating the form and the fabrication process in the studio workshop with the latest digital technologies, including an industrial robotic arm.

To push the boundaries of each project, Coudamy Architectures master all the realizations from idea to execution by disrupting the shape and the process of each piece of work. It relies on experimentation in studio of the materials and the techniques continuously fueling the new productions.

The scope of action is wide: design, artistic installations, architecture, development of materials, set design all contributing to new creations out of the box. The materials and the set up processes are constantly questioned: the wood is treated with the most complex cutting techniques, metal is transformed into highly thin sheets, paper becomes a cloud of lights, 3D prints become an actual construction tool.

The latest digital technologies as well as an industrial robotic arm are the studio’s asset to control each detail of the production and carry out the meticulous creations.

Coudamy Architectures were entrusted with the desires and creation needs of: Comme Des Garçons, Première Vision, K-Swiss, Vinci, Orange lab, BNP, Monum, Maison Hermès.

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Paul Coudamy

The Collaboration

Paul Coudamy


"I think craftsmanship is the key thing to make anything timeless and contemporary."

"What drew my interest in collaborating with La Prairie is the concept of Swissness, Luxury and Science."

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