Transformed from its natural state into potent potions that lift and firm skin, that potential undergoes a metamorphosis. Ongoing research and technological advancements have allowed the Skin Caviar Collection to evolve since its inception and continue to offer exceptional lifting and firming combined with cutting-edge performance and exquisite textures.

Delicate and exacting methods of extraction, distillation, centrifugation and blending result in an audacious interpretation of science and art.

The Skin Caviar Collection continues to surprise after 30 years. In 2016, following the breakthrough of Caviar Extract, La Prairie created Caviar Water. The result of a delicate distillation process, it draws on the essence of caviar for a refined yet powerful boost to the Skin Caviar Experience. La Prairie’s caviar innovation – Caviar Absolute – is produced using a dynamic process that captures the most elusive nutrients found in caviar, isolating and combining them to better harness their power.

Now, a new era in caviar science ushers in Caviar Premier. The Potency of Caviar Premier is due to the richness of its components. La Prairie’s breakthrough caviar science enhances natural Caviar Extract with bioengineered forms of caviar previously impossible to isolate, pushing the boundaries of performance to fully harness caviar’s whole potential for the first time. The powerful result is Caviar Premier. With each artful interpretation of caviar, La Prairie’s quest for timeless beauty becomes a promise.

The Skin Caviar Collection is the pinnacle of science and luxury. All the products in the Collection are infused with the benefits of caviar and La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, which uses cutting-edge biotechnological research to give new life and energy back to the very cells where beauty is born. An indulgence for the skin, the Skin Caviar skincare ritual profoundly improves the appearance of elasticity and tone. Skin appears firmed and lifted.


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