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La Prairie presents The Platinum Moment, a moment in which time is suspended.
Discover the film, accompanied by the exclusive score by composer Max Richter.

A fusion of luxury savoir-faire and exceptional skincare benefits defines the very essence of Haute-Rejuvenation – La Prairie’s high art of reigniting a youthful appearance. Through this philosophy, the Platinum Rare Collection redefines rejuvenation as we know it.

Max Richter, an influential voice in post-minimalist composition, has composed scores for film, television and stage, including Ad Astra, the thrilling, emotional 2019 space odyssey.

Mr Richter has composed Platinum exclusively for La Prairie’s latest film. Infused with intensity, Platinum is an homage to the dream-like dimension of time that is The Platinum Moment.

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Max Richter recorded Platinum at London’s Air Studios, Britain’s premier scoring facility founded by Sir George Martin that attracts the world’s most celebrated classical composers and musicians.

Mr Richter conducted a 70-piece orchestra to produce a work that accompanies the voyage on which The Platinum Moment film takes the viewer. Beginning with a steady, rhythmic pulse that follows the journey through the timeless Swiss landscape, to the Clinique La Prairie, the music rises in intensity through uplifting waves of strings that come one on top of the other, culminating in an urgent intensity hurtling toward The Platinum Moment.

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In addition to Platinum composed exclusively for La Prairie, Max Richter has curated a playlist, available on Spotify, dedicated to The Platinum Moment, a moment in which time is suspended.

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Platinum originated in a distant corner of the universe. It hurtled to Earth, bringing with it its own dimension of time.

Through its Haute-Rejuvenation, La Prairie creates The Platinum Moment, a moment in which time is suspended. More than a science, Haute-Rejuvenation is an expression of La Prairie’s savoir-faire offering the most elevated formulation, sensorial experience and exquisite packaging to date.

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