Chapter Four


La Prairie celebrates the infinity of majestic mountains – their nobility, their soothing height and perfect silence, their serene, muted mineral tones and their angular edges that drop into an abyss of secrecy.

At the same time, La Prairie finds inspiration in the chasms of the seas, its mysteries, its metamorphosis, where the light and the water raise their song and where, tirelessly, the horizon sculpts the space.

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Seek out the eternal beauty of platinum. Deep in the beating heart of the night, hidden in a vault of stars, lies its exquisite timelessness. Look past its demure surface to discover its constant elegance, its purity, the evidence of its grace.

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Listen to the virtuosity of gold’s siren song. In the flamboyant symphony of the sun, vibrating on its chords and its glittering harmonies, its opulence shines. Embrace its splendour, bathe in the confidence of its radiance, be enveloped in its lustre.

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Wander through a garden of illuminated dreams. At the bend in the shady path, the iridescence of white caviar surprises and delights. Decipher the secrets of this opalescent bouquet, of these pearls of eternity.

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Follow the flow of the river, traverse field and forest on the long, slow journey to the sea. Here, the silence is dressed in a cobalt blue gown of moiré silk. In its folds lies the mysteries of caviar, an ode to refinement, a promise of what is possible.

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