Chapter Ten


La Prairie opens a new chapter with infinite life creations. A new story cast in gold.

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La Prairie’s vision – its very raison d’être – is to create a world of beauty with no temporal limits: a world of timeless beauty. It is therefore only natural that La Prairie continues this pursuit through luxury with a purpose, which, like the house itself, seeks to go beyond the limits of time.

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For this reason, with the Pure Gold Collection, La Prairie crafts its first replenishable vessels. Each creation’s brushed metal casing and cap are designed to be kept indefinitely. Only the delicate glass vials containing the formulas, once empty, are meant to be replaced by new ones.

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Discover the Pure Gold Collection

No place embodies the essence of timelessness more than La Prairie’s birthplace, Switzerland - where time stands still. From the painstaking research behind the scientific breakthroughs to the opulent formulations that envelop the senses, from the jewel-like, precision-designed packaging, La Prairie seeks to create a world of timeless beauty.

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The Platinum Rare Collection’s sculptural jars and vials, sleek and architectural, are meant not only to hold the precious Platinum Rare formulations, but to live as works of art, transforming a vanity into a veritable display of timeless design.

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